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Meet the Business Owner: Keith Saunders

Originally from Huntington Station Long Island New York, I have always been involved with automobiles since I was a child. I attended Lewis A Wilson Tech for auto repair on Long Island in New York. Young in my career I sought and attended additional advanced level training courses, paid for them out of my own pocket, and attended class at night after work. Fortunately I attended some great electrical training courses which was a great foundation for todays advanced electronics. Keeping up with changing times and advances in automobile technology has kept me on my game. I moved from New York to Las Vegas 22 years ago. Have worked as lead technician for a high volume AAA shop in town for nearly 10 years before branching out on my own and opening Swing Shift Auto, LLC.
After being the lead technician in other repair shops for over 20 years, I opened my own facility in 2007.